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Is a group
of consultants,
not insurance agents.

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Looking Beyond
ONE Solution
& ONE Risk

GDP Advisors is a group of Consultants, not insurance agents.

The priority and goal of their organization is to create strategies that provide both short and long term solutions surrounding all areas and aspects within the Employee Benefits & Risk Management arena.


Risk Management


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  • Cobra Can Bite You In Employee Benefits May 23, 2015
    When you hear the word Cobra, I think of the snake that looks like this, an animal that can kill you with one bite. Click here to calculate the hefty fines of $100 per day per beneficiary.   Just like the snake charmer can hypnotize a Cobra using a Pungi.   Fortunately, you can transfer this […]
  • 6056 What Information Needs To Be Reported May 10, 2015
    Last week we wrote about IRS Code 6055, this week we cover the 6056 IRS Code and what you need to report. If you have any questions or need help filing these forms contact your GDP Advisor at 800-473-8697.
  • 6055 What Information Needs To Be Reported? May 10, 2015
    Code Section 6055—What Information Must Be Reported? The Affordable Care Act (ACA) created new reporting requirements in Internal Revenue Code (Code) Section 6055, which require health insurance issuers, sponsors of self-insured health plans, government agencies that administer government-sponsored health insurance programs and other entities that provide minimum essential coverage (MEC) to file information with the […]
  • Reduce Your ER Visits = Lower Health Premiums May 2, 2015
    More than $759 Billion was spent on hospital care services in the US in 2009. With all that money where did hospitals make the most money?  What states are the most profitable? How do the uninsured affect a hospital? We have put together a fact sheet that shows three key indicators and how that affects […]
  • Homeowner's Insurance May 1, 2015
    Most folks purchase Homeowner’s insurance because they were simply told it was a good idea to have it or because they were forced to purchase it by their mortgage company for the duration of their loan.  Honestly, most people purchase a policy without reading through the fine print (or even the large print) and basically […]

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