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Is a group
of consultants,
not insurance agents.

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Looking Beyond
ONE Solution
& ONE Risk

GDP Advisors is a group of Consultants, not insurance agents.

The priority and goal of their organization is to create strategies that provide both short and long term solutions surrounding all areas and aspects within the Employee Benefits & Risk Management arena.


Risk Management


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  • Use Safety Programs to Lower Costs August 19, 2014
    In the past we have written about safety programs.  With help from safety programs, you can save your company money, improve productivity and increase employee morale on the road. Here’s how. […]
  • 20 Years Ago Today August 15, 2014
    20 years ago today my wife and I started Powter Insurance it has been an incredible roller coaster of ups and downs.  There were different types of days, some that the paper check kept us afloat, days of feeling at the top of the mountain with a win of a huge account and days of falling down the mountain when we lost that huge account. But the real joys were […]
  • Happy Workers Are More Productive August 12, 2014
    In the world of business and economics, companies are increasingly taking action to increase production.  The investment of employees is becoming more and more valuable.  Turnover is a risk not worth investing in this day in age with the current recession and inflation to follow.  It took a certain economics class and to live the experience of unhappy work l […]
  • My Friend John - A Legacy of Love July 29, 2014
    Each week we post an article, blog, or short anecdote pertaining to a variety of related topics such as risk management, business acumen, employee benefits, culture compliance, and so on.  This week; however, I hope that you will indulge me as we take a step back from our normal postings and instead pay tribute to a friend and colleague. […]
  • How do you measure culture July 29, 2014
    Last week we wrote about the leading failure point in mergers and acquisitions is inability to mesh the cultures of the two organizations, So how do you measure culture? You know when it is good but can't put find the problem when it is bad. We have a full culture assessment we take our customers through call us at 800-473-8697, to access the short form […]

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