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Is a group
of consultants,
not insurance agents.

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Looking Beyond
ONE Solution
& ONE Risk

GDP Advisors is a group of Consultants, not insurance agents.

The priority and goal of their organization is to create strategies that provide both short and long term solutions surrounding all areas and aspects within the Employee Benefits & Risk Management arena.


Risk Management


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  • What happens if an employee misses open enrollment? August 31, 2015
    Open enrollment can be an extremely stressful and overwhelming time for both you and your employees. It is typically the only time during the year in which employees can make changes to their benefits choices, such as adding or dropping coverage, adding or dropping dependents, or enrolling in benefits for the first time.
  • Accommodating Transgender Employees August 24, 2015
    Accommodating Transgender Workers        The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) recently announced a reversal of its stance regarding whether discrimination based on sex includes discrimination based on an individual’s gender identity and transgender status. The DOJ concludes that, under the 1964 Civil Rights Act Title VII, employees are protected from employer discrimination based on transgender […]
  • Three big things that changed in the last 90 days you need to know August 15, 2015
    With so many changes in the last 90 days we thought it would be helpful to summarize how they affect your business in one article. 
  • 2015 Draft Instructions for 6055 and 6056 Reporting Include Filing Extensions August 14, 2015
    Quick Facts: •     On Aug. 7, 2015, the IRS released 2015 draft instructions for the forms used to report under Sections 6055 and 6056.•     2015 draft forms were released on June 16.•     The 2015 draft instructions include a number of clarifications for reporting•     These are draft versions only and should not be filed with the […]
  • You thought a Cadillac was just a car think again it's a tax August 8, 2015
    Quick Facts: •     The IRS issued Notice 2015-52 to continue implementation of the Cadillac tax for 2018.•     Proposed or final regulations have not yet been issued on the Cadillac tax provision.•     Notice 2015-52 provides additional information on issues under the Cadillac tax that were not previously addressed.•     Taxpayers may not rely on this notice.

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