How to Minimize the Damage
from an Unthinkable Act

Since 2013, there have been at least 156 school shootings in America

— an average of nearly one a week.

GDP Advisors’ Active Shooter Program

Regardless of the individuals involved in a mass shooting or the circumstances that gave rise to it, gunfire in our public and private institutions shatters the sense of security these organizations are meant to foster and leaves deep scars in the community. Because of the senselessness of the act, few are prepared to deal with the after effects. GDP Advisors believes you should be and has developed our Active Shooter program to assist your organization in a number of critical areas prior to, during and following this type of low-probability, high-consequence event.

As with any unforeseen incident, preparation and planning are required to minimize the negative effects on all concerned; this should be an integral element of your overall strategic planning process. Our Active Shooter Primary Policy provides you with the security of an independent limit of liability as well as Clear Third Party coverage.

Just as imperative as dealing with any emergency situation, is dealing with public perceptions during and after the incident. Planning for perception also protects your organization’s image/credibility and its ability to recover after a crisis. GDP Advisors’ Risk Management Solution includes our Security Vulnerability Assessment as well as Preparedness Training Modules. We also offer Crisis Management assistance to include Procedurals, Chain of Command, Media Relations, etc.

While it is impossible to put a price on the toll this type of event takes on those affected, our provisions for Funeral and Counseling expenses help to mitigate additional hardship on the families of those lost. In addition, our policy protects you against the potential for individual claims that will surely arise from such a senseless episode.

Although the likelihood of this type of event occurring at your institution is small, the risks for those unprepared are great. If you believe your organization might benefit from GDP Advisors’ Active Shooter Program, please click on the link below to learn more.

Our Program Covers

  • Primary Policy Providing an independent limit of liability
  • Clear Third Party Coverage
  • Unique Risk Management Solutions
    • Onsite Active Shooter and Security Vulnerability Assessment
    • Preparedness Seminar
      Training Modules
    • Crisis Management Services
  • Funeral Expenses
  • Counseling Expenses
  • Limits of $1,000,000 – $20,000,000

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  • "Insurance will represent about 10% - 20% of the total cost of risk in a company. The Team at GDP Are incredible Advisors and take care of that 20%. However, the other 80% is usually ignored by most insurance agents. This is where GDP differentiates. They look at 100% of a client's risk and finds innovative ways to help them manage that risk appropriately. Insurance and risk assumption are the most expensive ways to manage risk. GDP helps clients spend less on insurance and decrease their total cost of risk. I highly recommend GDP Advisors to anyone considering buying insurance... but more importantly, someone who wants to reduce risk and manage a much larger cost in their business!"

    LARRY G. LINNE President / CEO InCite Performance Group
  • We've been with GDP Advisors through many transitions in our business and regulatory environment. GDP has been consistently thoughtful, flexible, and customized in its approach. We highly recommend them and are extremely satisfied with their service!"

    Chris Kawaja
    Chris Kawaja Owner, CFS Group
  • “We chose GDP Advisors because of price and their aggressive follow-up. We have stayed with them because he continues to apply the same attitude in servicing our account.”

    Dick Hafner CSOH, Inc. - Dallas, TX
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