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Three Core

GDP Advisors uses three core principles to service and manage your benefits and risk management portfolio. We provide our clients professional, value-added services based on strategic planning, exceptional account management and leading-edge technology. Historically, industry professionals ‘sold’ insurance. At GDP Advisors, our ideas and counsel is our commodity, insurance is just a bi-product of what we do.

GDP Advisors is compensated based on our ideas and our work, not via the traditional insurance commission model. Our fee basis compensation structure provides our clients with a fully transparent process not based on how much insurance is purchased, rather what advice, council and direction is given. By removing all existing commissions from insurance products (when available), clients save on their insurance purchases and allows us to operate in a manner we call ‘Insurance Agnostic’. Our job is to make sure our clients are purchasing insurance policies that directly support the strategy. This transparency allows us to truly operate as an advisor to our clients rather than a ‘sales person’ always attempting to find a new way to sell an insurance product. In addition, our incentive is to continually drive rates down and get the highest return on investment, as our compensation is not tied to premium increases. Through our proactive approach, our process reduces the amount of insurance most clients need to purchase, thus impacting the overall bottom line and improving profitability.

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