The GDP Story

Identifying, Quantifying,

In 2013, JDS Benefits and Powter Risk Advisors merged their organizations to form GDP Advisors. Built on the idea the traditional insurance industry was and is broken, GDP set out to change the old and stale insurance market which focused primarily on organizations claims history rather than their future. This old approach consistently punished organizations while rewarding only the insurance company and its agents. GDP’s model focuses on identifying various risks within an organization, quantifying that risk and finally prioritizing it in order to put an action plan in place to minimize, mitigate or eliminate that risk. Both JDS Benefits and Powter Risk Advisors were and continue to be two of the most well respected and impactful strategic consulting firms within the Employee Benefits and Risk Management industry. Their impressive client portfolio is a clear representation of the long term success of both organizations. Since the merger, GDP continues to thrive both through organic growth and acquisition and is now one of the premier independent consulting firms within the United States.

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