The GDP Team

Meet the Team

GDP Advisors has assembled the finest staff of professionals whose experience is matched by their intelligence and integrity. We further arm them with continuous education, training, and cutting-edge technical resources. These highly specialized specialists help GDP build our reputation for excellence and fuel our growth.


  • Carrie May
    Carrie May CFO / Director of Operations
  • Tracy Bewley
    Tracy Bewley Account Manager
  • Maryalice Biggs
    Maryalice Biggs Executive Assistant
  • Kellee Spangle
    Kellee Spangle Senior Account Manager
  • Jennifer Gilbreath
    Jennifer Gilbreath Senior Account Manager
  • Judith Rosales
    Judith Rosales Account & Client Services Team Manager
  • Helen Blass
    Helen Blass Agency Licensing & Compliance
  • Diane Zilliken
    Diane Zilliken Bookkeeper
  • Danna Ward
    Danna Ward Benefits Admin. Client Service & Systems Analyst
  • Mark Rambo
    Mark Rambo Director of Compliance
  • Brandon White
    Brandon White Advisor / Captive Services
  • Eric Alexander
    Eric Alexander Advisor / Financial Services
  • Mary Lyons
    Mary Lyons Advisor / Financial
  • Eion Zink
    Eion Zink Client Services Team
  • Andrew Clark
    Andrew Clark Executive Assistant
  • Cassidy Moore
    Cassidy Moore Jr. Analyst I
  • Erin Sweeney
    Erin Sweeney Jr. Analyst I
  • Narda Bachman
    Narda Bachman Jr. Analyst I
  • Casie Dake
    Casie Dake Jr. Analyst I
  • Chelsea Ghrigsby
    Chelsea Ghrigsby Technology Analyst I
  • Blake Ledbetter
    Blake Ledbetter Technology Analyts I
  • Bethany Koch
    Bethany Koch Jr. Analyst I
  • Richard Marrs
    Richard Marrs Business Development
  • Kurt Stockholm
    Kurt Stockholm Account Manager
  • Alexandra McLennan
    Alexandra McLennan Client Services
  • Brian Roberts
    Brian Roberts Director of Strategy

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