Seth Denson: Emergency room has become a profit center for hospitals.

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A Denver family recently received a $2300 bill for a bug bite. The family was outraged after receiving the bill for a visit that only consisted of a doctor looking at the bite, determining it was infected, and prescribing antibiotics. The family attempted to dispute the charges, but the hospital would not relent.

The Emergency Room has effectively become the unencumbered profit center for the hospital system.

Seth Denson explained that hospitals are restructuring how they bill and staff ERs. Many hire staff that are not in-network, which drives up costs.

Hospitals systems are incentivized to run more tests, to check more things.

Denson also recommended doing your homework before you receive treatment, asking whether the a test is necessary and if the doctor is in-network.

If they say they don’t know, then say ‘I’d like you to hold off seeing me until you can verify wether or not you are.

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