Seth Denson: Healthcare Providers Look at Your Social Media

 In media appearances

Healthcare providers are now looking at social media accounts and deciding rates based on people’s activities. They’re gathering the information from data companies and trying to find patterns of behavior.

It’s not so much that they’re gathering the data, it’s what do they plan to do with it. [Through Social Media] we have given underwriters a clear insight into our lives; what do we do for fun, how do we live our lives, what bar were we at, where do we eat, how late were we up at night, what’s our sleep process? Insurance companies love this kind of data because they can start to find patterns.

All of those things factor into how much insurance companies can project what their costs will be to cover you. The information is gathered by large data brokers who then sell it to insurance companies. However, you can protect yourself by limiting what you post to social media.


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