Seth Denson: Negative Effects of DNA Testing

 In media appearances

Many companies these days are offering ways to get genetic testing. This can be very valuable information, you can find out if you’re prone to certain conditions, see if you might have a genetic history of something, or just gather information on your family tree. However, those results are not private and could actually keep you from getting a life insurance policy.

They’re looking to identify what types of risks they could be incurring; what medications and treatments might be the most affective in managing my long-term care.

Even though some life and longterm insurance companies are interested in the conditions you could be prone to, it’s not necessarily because they want to help you.

They’re trying to understand what is the probability of paying out a claim on you.

This means you could be denied a policy based on your genetic results. But how would a life insurance company get these results in the first place?

These companies that are selling you information about your genetics or your ancestry are also selling the data in the open market. You might think twice before posting your results to social media.


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